The Advancing Writer

The Advancing Writer

Tom opened his internet browser and immediately a message popped up. “Welcome to the world’s greatest blog.” Tom was intrigued, and not just by the lack of an exclamation point. He had never thought that this was how one would find the world’s greatest blog, but who was he to argue with destiny. As he read the blog, he realized that this was indeed the world’s greatest blog. He read for hours, he found himself unable to avert his gaze from the endless wisdom and timely insights contained within its pages. He shut down his computer that night and was happy. The next day he could not find the blog. He never did find it again. He settled for the Advancing Writer blog after a poor recommendation.

Welcome to the Advancing Writer Blog. This blog is for anyone who wishes to get some ideas and thoughts on writing topics and aspects.

The Format

To get you acclimated with the format, every blog will start with a short paragraph to illustrate the topic being discussed. The fictional story above about Tom (obviously fictional due to the last sentence) is an example of the paragraph you will find. The continuing character will be Tom, and you will get to follow him on his great adventures, some made great by the adventure itself, and others made great by the statement in this sentence, especially so to those who do not realize how great they, which shows a lack of greatness in the reader and definitely not Tom, because, as we all know, like tends to like, and thus, if one fails to see greatness in an adventure it is really that one seeing a lack of great adventure in himself. This, of course, is a reference to the great Mendacium Verum and their quote on adventures and how they reveal the substance, not of the writer, but of the reader.

Next, a few points about the topic will be stated and discussed.

An Example
Example: The Advancing Writer blog is great! It is great because of reason one. It is also great because of reason two.
Reason one: a well thought out and executed reason proving the statement made at the beginning of the article.
Reason two: another well thought out and executed reason, perhaps even more compelling than reason one, but perhaps not.

Your Obligation
Lastly, you will leave a comment on what you think would be helpful for advancing writers reading the blog. I am sure all comments will be positive advice for advancing writers and not derogatory remarks about my supposed intelligence or lack thereof.
Other comments will cover all the grammatical errrors and speeling mistakes that have been intently left in for you to find? Of course, some of you may be thinking that is a clever way to cover up any errors that may be unintentionally made, and I would have to agree with you, and I will take that advice you have just given me to heart and to mind.

That’s it. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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