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Find Laughter in the Sadness

Tom sat with his daughter as she cried over her dead pet mouse.  Her tiny knuckles where white as she tightly grasped the shoe box holding her furry white friend.  Minnie had been Susie’s favorite pet for three years and she was heartbroken at her passing.  Tom held his little girl close, his shirt slowly filled with tears.  She asked her dad to tell her why Minnie had to .

The First Rule of Writing

Tom sat down to write.  His mind filled with nothingness.  No thoughts, no words, nothing.  He stared at the page.  No words were on it.  He did not know what to write about.  He then wrote that.  I have nothing to write about.  Nothing.  Blankness, darkness, a hole with no end.  He thought that looked pretty good, so he added to it.  A hole of incomprehensible infinity.  Down this .

The Advancing Writer

The Advancing Writer Tom opened his internet browser and immediately a message popped up. “Welcome to the world’s greatest blog.” Tom was intrigued, and not just by the lack of an exclamation point. He had never thought that this was how one would find the world’s greatest blog, but who was he to argue with destiny. As he read the blog, he realized that this was indeed the world’s .